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Global Hallyu Trends (May 2017)

글로벌 한류동향 이미지

Issue Focus

The 4th Industrial Revolution, cultural policies in the future and strategies of Hallyu industries


05 Knowledge information society and tasks for new cultural policies

10 The future of cultural contents strategies ─ uniqueness rather than universality

14 The future of tourism industry led by new technology

21 The heyday of 'beauty tech' and 'food tech': innovative cases and prospects


○ Published by: KOFICE

○ Publisher: Deok Jung Kim (KOFICE Secretary General)

○ Written and Edited by: Sang Hyun Nam, Ah Young Kim, Seol Li Ryu, and Mi Rae Seo

○ Inquiries to: KOFICE Research Team

    Tel. +82.(0)2.3153.1786 Email. ahyoung@kofice.or.kr