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Hallyu White Paper (2018)

글로벌 한류동향 이미지

● Contents


1 Introduction to the Hallyu(The Korean Wave) White Paper, 2018 

2 Hallyu, Again at the starting point


1) Hallyu and the social imaginary in the age of digital technology 

    (Yongjin Won Professor, Sogang University, Department of Communication)

2) Efficacy of Hallyu: beyond industry, beyond superpower 

    (Doobo Shim Professor, Sungshin Women’s University, Department of Media Communication)

3) Universality and particularity of K-pop as a glocal culture 

   (Sujeong Kim Professor, Chungnam National University, 

    Department of Journalism and Communication Studies)

4) New media and K-pop 

   (Mi-yeon Kim Director of the Kakao 1theK Studio Seok-jeong Kwon Kakao M PD)

5) Q&A about Hallyu, the Second Story 

    Interviewee: Jong-hwan Do Poet and politician; member of the National Assembly

                    ; former Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism 

    Interviewer: Ah-young Kim KOFICE research team 


● This report is conducted by Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange(KOFICE), 

    and the publication may be freely quoted, reprinted, translated or adapted for use 

    in other formats as long as acknowledgement is provided with a reference to the source.

● Published by: KOFICE

● Inquiries to: KOFICE Research Team / Email. khchoi@kofice.or.kr, ahyoung@kofice.or.kr