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Hallyu White Paper (2019)

글로벌 한류동향 이미지

Achievements and Forecast for Hallyu in 2019 by Segment


■ Analysis of Seven Popular Cultural Contents


1. Hallyu in Broadcast Programs

A New Wave of Change, for a Leap Forward

― Sungmin Lee

Researcher, Cultural Industries Research Center, Korea Culture and Tourism Institute


2. Hallyu in Film

100 Years of Korean Cinema: Light and the Shadow

 Mann Kim

Director of International Relations Team, Korean Film Council


3. Hallyu in Music

The Shadow Behind the Glamour of Global Success

 Gyutag Lee

Professor of Cultural Anthropology (Arts & Science), George Mason University-Korea


4. Hallyu in Performing Arts

Content-driven, Specific Genre Leads the Charge

 Kyunghee Choi

Director of Research Team, Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange


5. Hallyu in Games/e-sports

Opening Up Possibilities Through Various Attempts, Despite Slowing Growth

 Shinkyu Kang

Research fellow, Media Advertising Research Institute, Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation


6. Hallyu in Comics/Webtoons

Content Franchise Strategy, K-Webtoons and its universe

 Mingi Jang

Senior Researcher, Industrial Policy Team, Korea Creative Content Agency


7. Hallyu in Publication

Korean Literature Joins Hallyu

 Buhan Yoon

Director, Division of Literature Promotion, Literature Translation Institute of Korea



■ Analysis of Four Major Consumer Goods and Service Industries


8. Hallyu in Fashion

Hallyu in Fashion Discovers New Opportunities Amidst Crisis

 Sujin Myeong

Fashion Columnist


9. Hallyu in Food

Hallyu in Food 2.0, A New Leap Towards Diversification and Segmentation

 Bora Kang

Researcher, Institute for Communication Research, Yonsei University


10. Hallyu in Tourism

We Came to Korea to See BTS

 Juyoung Chung

Head Researcher, Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology


11. Hallyu in Beauty

Emerging Markets and Brand Personality : Key Factors for the Rebound of K-Beauty

 Sungmin Son

REACH24H KOREA General Manager