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Global Hallyu Trends (2020)

글로벌 한류동향 이미지

Prologue: 2020 Global Hallyu Trends at a Glance


Part 1: Must-Know Hallyu Issues

Issue 1. A Momentary Pause for Hallyu in 2019

 · No Changes in Hallyu’s Favorability

 · Interest in and Prospects of Hallyu Remain Stagnant

 · Perceptions of Hallyu and Korea Remain the Same


Issue 2. Reclaiming the Use of Hallyu Content through Legacy Media

 · TV Is Still Used for Hallyu Video Content

 · YouTube Remains the Most-Used Platform in 2019


Issue 3. 2019: The Year for Korean Movies

 · The Korean Movie Craze Stemming from Parasite


Issue 4. The Changing Hallyu

 · The Growth and Decline of Hallyu Overseas

 · Exports Due to Hallyu

 · What Is the Current State of Hallyu Compared to Five Years Ago?


Issue 5. The Status of Hallyu in Major Countries of Interest

 · What Is the Current Status of Hallyu in Japan?

 · The Aftermath of the Hallyu Ban Continues to Affect China

 · The Rapidly Growing U.S. Market for Hallyu: How Is It Now?


Part 2: Analysis by Region and Country

Chapter 1. Perceptions of Hallyu

 · Images Associated with Korea

 · Negative Perceptions of Hallyu Content and Its Causes


Chapter 2. Usage and Consumption of Hallyu

 · Usage and Consumption Behavior of Hallyu Content

 · Degree of Expansion of Hallyu Usage


Chapter 3. Popularity and Favorability of Hallyu

 · Popularity and Favorability of Hallyu Content

 · Factors for Popularity and Factors that Hinder Favorability of Hallyu Content

 · Preferred Hallyu Content

 · Preferred Hallyu Stars


Chapter 4. The Impact of Hallyu

· Changes in Perception of Korea after Using Hallyu Content

· Willingness to Use Korean Products and Services in the Future

· Willingness to Pay for Hallyu Content in the Future