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Title Jeju Olle Trail Extends to the Mongolian Grasslands
No 46 Inquiry 855 Date 2017.07.14

On June 18 and 19, Mongol Olle Trail, the sister trail of Jeju Olle Trail, was opened. As part of the Jeju Olle's success know-how transfer project, Mongol Olle Trail was formed on the green grasslands of Mongolia with the cooperation of Jeju Tourism Organization and the Ulaanbaatar Tourism Authority.



Maps of Mongol Olle Trail - Photo Source: The Ulaanbaatar Tourism Agency Web site


The trail has two routes. Route 1 was created along the ridge of Bogdkhan Mountain in Ulaanbaatar with a total length of 14.5 km. The starting point is the village of Henhor. It is a special protection area about 25 km away from the capital city, and is a beautiful place where various wildflowers bloom in summer. Route 2 starts from the center of the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and extends in a circular shape. It is a circular route with a length of 11 km. The area, blessed with magnificent scenery and a very unique natural ecology, is included in the World Heritage List.


The total length of the two routes amounts to 25 km and more routes are planned to be created. In particular, the project aims at contributing to local economy by forming tourist villages at the starting and ending points of the routes. With the opening of Mongol Olle Trail, two supermarkets were established on its routes and more shops will be located around the trail.


Batsukh Dagvajamts, Head of the Ulaanbaatar Tourism Authority, who attended the opening ceremony of Mongol Olle Trail said, “I have learned about the success of Jeju Olle Trails and Kyushu Olle Trail. I hope that Mongol Olle Trail will add values to Mongolia as an ecological tourist site.” Lee Jae-hong, Vice President of the Jeju Tourism Organization, said, "I look forward that the opening of Mongol Olle Trail will promote Jeju in Mongolia, and that Mongol Olle Trail will attract many travellers around the world to be the country's great tourism resource and be loved by the people."


The opening of Mongol Olle Trail was celebrated in the ceremony attended by about 500 people including President of the Jeju Tourism Organization Choi Gap-yeol, Chief Director of Jeju Olle Seo Myeong-suk, Korean Ambassador to Mongolia Oh Song, Head of the Ulaanbaatar Tourism Authority Batsukh Dagvajamts, and Director of the Environment Office of Ulaanbaatar Battulga Erkhembayar, along with Korean olle trekkers, members of Mongolian Trekking Club, and the local community of the Mongolian area.


The starting point of Mongol Olle Trail Route 2 - Photo courtesy: Mongolian Trekking Club.


On June 20, the day after the opening ceremony, a briefing session to introduce and promote Mongol Olle Trail was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Ulaanbaatar. The briefing session was for tourism companies working in Mongolia and was attended by representatives of about 10 companies. Lee Jae-hong, Vice President of the Jeju Tourism Organization said, “No one imagined that travellers would visit Jeju to experience trekking on the island's olle trails. Now, the trails have become worldwide famous tourist sites visited by 50 million people around the world. I am very pleased about the opening of Mongol Olle Trail and I hope that the people around the world will experience the beautiful nature of Mongolia while walking along Mongol Olle Trail.”


Ahn Eun-ju, Director of Jeju Olle, who has been in charge of about a year’s preparation work―field survey, conclusion of the cooperation agreement between the two countries, determination of the location of the olle trail, and the creation of its routes―since the establishment of Mongol Olle Trail project in January 2016, hoped that the trail will revitalize the local economy, drawing many trekkers from Korea and Mongolia, and reaffirming the touristic value of the country’s nature.


Souvenirs sold at shops around Mongol Olle Trail - Photo by Luvsandash Munkhchimeg


D. Nyamsuren, Representative of Mongol Olle, said, "I graduated from Jeju National University in 2007. I heard a lot about the olle trail in Jeju at that time. I am very happy that this type of trail was built in Mongolia after 10 years. Most of Mongolians are more familiar with climbing than trekking. Now we can experience trekking here in Mongolia. I hope that many Mongolians as well as tourists from around the world visit and love this trail."


The best time to travel to Mongolia is between July and September. In addition to walking along the trail appreciating the beautiful natural scenery, travellers can also experience the ger, the Mongolian traditional house, staying overnight and watching the night sky filled with stars. A group travel is still more recommended than an individual travel to experience Mongol Olle Trail.


Trekkers experiencing Mongol Olle Trail - Photo Source: Mongolian Trekking Club


* Luvsandash Munkhchimeg, Correspondent in Mongol