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Title “The Once” Soars on Charts with Rising Popularity of Korean Dramas
No 58 Inquiry 1772 Date 2017.10.31

In Korea, the tunes played in a popular drama series often-top music streaming charts. However, it is not common for an unexpected band to suddenly get explosive hits on international music streaming services just because their song was played in an episode of a Korean drama series. However, that actually happened. Such luck went to a band called ‘The Once’. Their song "You're my best friend" was played in a 16-episode Korean drama series, <It's Okay, That's Love>, which was broadcast on SBS TV from July 23 to September 11, 2014. This song was originally sung by Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the legendary rock band ‘Queen’. And the song's remake by ‘The Once’ was chosen by the music team of the drama.


<The Once's "You're my best friend" was played in the Korean drama "It's Okay, That's Love". ​​Photo Source: The Official Website of the Drama>

Since then, the fan base of the band has expanded day by day in Asia, not in Canada and North America, where they are actively performing. Last week, they finally crossed one million plays on Spotify, which is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. ‘The Once’ has slowly gained recognition in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's Far East, which is their hometown. However, those who accessed Spotify and played the song were not all from the region. Ryan Cooke's article posted on Canada's CBC News on October 24 tells how the members of ‘The Once’, including guitarist Phil Churchill, are crediting the Korean drama for their success. This article is spreading via various media in the United States, elevating the status of Korean dramas.

<(Left) Members of ‘The Once’, Phil Churchill, Andrew Dale and Geraldine Hollett from left. Photo Source: www.borealisrecords.com>
<(Right) The band is performing live. Photo Source: www.kingstongrand.ca>


The following is an excerpt from the article.

"Somehow, based on the large fandom of that show, it charted," said Churchill with a laugh. "It's gone to some weird places."
In a blog post last year, American television personality and fashion designer Lauren Conrad revealed the tune was played for the first dance at her wedding.
"It's even managed to get in between ultra-beautiful couples in Los Angeles," Churchill said. "It's just kind of gone everywhere."

Their song has 2.5 million hits on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of plays on Soundcloud. And they topped several streaming services, including Spotify, where their song exceeded one million plays. But they do not expect a significant income from Spotify. Churchill said, “It's probably enough to buy ourselves a vinyl copy of Queen's 1976 album, A Night at the Opera, which that song appeared on.”

Currently, ‘The Once’ is staying in Nova Scotia and recording their sixth album. They plan to tour Canada in November and December. When Churchill was younger, his favorite band was ‘Police’. He laughed and said, "It dawned on me they made five albums and I'm making six with my trio."

Ryan Cooke concludes his article as follows: No matter how this album performs, ‘The Once’ will always have their hit in South Korea, and they'll always have each other―they're best friends.


<The article about The Once posted on CBC News on October 24>


‘The Once’ debuted in 2004 as a three-member folk music band from Newfoundland, Canada. Members include Geraldine Hollett, Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale. Their biggest hit, "You're My Best Friend," starts with a quiet guitar sound that leads to Hollett's soft voice. It's been six years since the song was released, but it is still making them a living. It was especially fortunate that the song was played in the Korean drama. However, it is not a large sum of money. They still share a bed at a hotel during their tour.


The Once's unexpected rise on charts is an example of the influence of Korean dramas around the world.


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* Park Ji-yun, Correspondent in LA