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Title A Leading Thai Newspaper Spotlights the Rise of BTS and BLACKPINK in the US
No 60 Inquiry 1249 Date 2017.11.28

K-Pop is entering the US music market, the home of pop music, with BTS debuting on the American TV with their performance at the 2017 American Music Awards, and BLACKPINK‘s music and music video featured in the DC Comics’ another superhero masterpiece "Justice League".


On November 20, 2017, Krungthep Business News, one of Thailand's most influential newspapers, published an article titled “BTS’s Showcase at the AMAs and BLACKPINK in "Justice League": K-Pop Is Taking Over The World.” The article posted as the headline of the entertainment section remained on the front page of the website until the next day. Published by Nation Multimedia, one of Thailand's largest media companies, Krungthep Business News (Bangkok Business News), launched in 1987, is the first economic newspaper in Thailand with a circulation of 100,000 copies and readership in intellectual and opinion leader groups. Below is the English translation of the full article(www.judprakai.com/entertainment/336).



Many people see that the popularity of ‘K-Pop’ began to decline, seemingly influenced by the slump of Korean dramas in recent years. But if you follow the trend of the world entertainment market, you will find that K-Pop is not falling at all, but rather rising.


- K-Pop is planning to take over the world market.
- BTS is the first “kimchi boy band” to be on stage of a large US music awards ceremony. (The correspondent's note: In Thailand, kimchi is used as a nickname for Korea.)
- BLACKPINK appeared in DC Comics’ superhero film "Justice League".
- BLACKPINK has a Thai member, Lalisa Manoban (Lisa).


A recent achievement of K-Pop in the world market is the performance of BTS at the American Music Awards (AMAs) that was greatly acclaimed by both their fans and entertainment officials in the West. In addition, a new girl group, BLACKPINK that has a Thai member Lisa, appeared in DC’s superhero movie "Justice League", which surprised people who had never expected it.


Earlier, on May 21, BTS had won the Top Social Artist Award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, another big US music awards ceremony, proving that Korean boy bands can also become a world-class artist with a solid fan base like Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez. Considering their increasing influence on the US pop scene, it is not surprising at all that BTS was selected for the 2017 AMAs held on November 19 in Los Angeles. They are making a new history as the first K-Pop boy band to perform at a US music awards ceremony. Even in the stage order, the organizers gave special treatment to BTS by placing their performance right before the announcement of the Lifetime Achievement Award, which is the biggest event of the awards ceremony.


<BTS performing at the 2017 AMAs. (Photo source: Krungthep Business News)>


At the AMAs, The Chainsmokers introduced BTS and their song “DNA” to be performed on the day. During BTS’s performance on the stage, almost everyone in the hall could hear enthusiastic cheers of the audiences and K-Pop fans’ loud ‘fanchant’ (chants that the fans of a K-Pop band yell during their performance to cheer for them). Numerous of hands lifted to record the performance with their smartphones as well as their deafening cheers created a spectacular view. When the performance ended, Jared Leto who came on stage as the presenter of the award said, “I need a moment to recover from that performance. That was incredible.”


BLACKPINK, a new girl group from YG Entertainment, Korea's second largest entertainment company, appears in "Justice League" in the scene where Batman meets “the Flash (Barry Allen)” to persuade him to join the team. The MV of BLACKPINK's recent hit song “As If It’s Your Last” is played on the monitor that the Flash was watching. The MV is just part of the background of the scene but their song is played very loud for about a minute, which is unusual in Hollywood blockbuster films like "Justice League". Also, Ezra Miller who starred the Flash said at a live show in London that he likes the song for its reggae mood, cool dance moves and rap parts.


It was not known how YG succeeded in presenting them in a Hollywood blockbuster. But there is no doubt that this will lead the four members of BLACKPINK (Jenny, Jisu, Rose, and the only Thai member, Lisa) to a remarkable success.


As another Asian country, we would like to congratulate the two K-Pop teams on their debut on the global stage.



Over the last few years, the popularity of K-Pop in Asia has been regarded as natural; therefore, in Thailand, K-Pop has been no longer attracting special attention from the media. As noted in this article, even Korean dramas have not made a big hit recently. Some said that Hallyu is a short-lived fad limited to Asian countries. However, BTS who fascinated US pop fans and BLACKPINK who made a Hollywood actor their fan, have proven the potential of Hallyu once again. The fact that the influence of Hallyu is expanding not only in Asia but also in the West, make other Asian countries take pride in it.


Bang Ji-hyeon, Correspondent in Thailand