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Title Oh! Happy Hallyu Day - Interview with Philippine K-Pop Convention
No Inquiry 1993 Date 2017.02.16

A fun-filled day, where you can enjoy everything about Korean entertainment

Interview with Jessica Joyce Juan, Head of the Philippine K-Pop Convention, Inc. (PKCI)



(left) PKCI logo, (right) Jessica Joyce Juan, the Head of PKCI 


Sandara Park, a member of 2NE1, spent her early years in the Philippines. Everything about Hallyu can be easily found in the country. National TV channels air K-Dramas and K-Movies, whereas K-Pop music can be heard from speakers in street corners and shopping malls. Filipinos say that they have become more familiar with Korea as various Korean brands are being sold across the country, whose bilateral trades with Korea have expanded in the recent years. The 10,000 fans who gathered for a fan meeting event with Lee Min-ho is a testimony as to how big Hallyu has become among the Filipinos. The following is an interview with Jessica Joyce Juan, the Head of the Philippine K-Pop Convention, Inc. (PKCI), a community of Hallyu fans that engages in various nonprofit activities. She shared stories regarding the Hallyu fever in the Philippines.



Q. Can you introduce PKCI to our readers?


PKCI holds various K-Pop events, such as fan club gatherings, open stages, and flea markets, for fans from across the country. It has unified K-Pop fans, who were once scattered in small groups, into a community passionate about K-Culture. It is currently working actively to channel passion toward making valuable contributions to the society. Moreover, it is a nonprofit organization whose proceeds from events are donated to efforts to make the society a better place such as academic research and animal protection.


Filipino fans lined up for “Happy Hallyu Day” tickets


Q. What made you become a fan of K-Culture contents?


K-Pop idols and artists have distinctive concepts and are characterized by strong audiovisual features. These seem to be highly appealing to many Filipino fans. Moreover, Filipinos’ love for K-Pop goes beyond music. K-Pop contents have such a huge spectrum that they have something to appeal both to existing fans and to those who are new to them.


One of the factors behind K-Pop’s huge success is the unique relationship that idols and artists establish with their fans. K-Pop idols and artists use various media, such as SNS, live shows, and concerts, to build such special relationship with their fans. Experiencing such close relationship with idols and artists serve as an important cornerstone of the power and influence of K-Pop fandoms not just in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world.


Meanwhile, Korean dramas and novels share similar thematic elements with Filipino literature. This is why Filipinos find it easy to sympathize with stories that feature love, rivalry, and love triangle. Moreover, romantic themes and sudden twists of events, of which Filipinos are fond of, are most often present in K-Dramas. Viewers are emotionally connected with the love stories as if they are the characters themselves. This experience makes K-Dramas all the more popular in the Philippines.


Makeup show held on “Happy Hallyu Day”


Beautiful flower performance showcased on “Happy Hallyu Day”


Q. What is the biggest change that occurred before and after the introduction of K-Culture?


The most amazing thing about K-Culture is that it creates a wonderful network of fans spanning the globe. Fans who watch shows and programs that feature idols, artists, and actors are able to acquire information regarding Korea; including its food and environment, Korean lifestyles and traditions, the Korean language, and useful everyday expressions.


For Filipino audience, who used to only have limited information about Korean culture, watching K-Culture contents was the best way to learn about Korea. The growing number of K-Pop?related groups and fan clubs is an evidence that more and more Filipinos cheris the values of friendship and understandings as they share interests on K-Culture contents with each other.


Q. Tell me about the “Happy Hallyu Day” events held in Manila. Which of the events was the most popular?


The Happy Hallyu Day hosted by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) was held last Saturday, July 23. The most popular event was the “Open Stage” event, where performers across the country showed off their talents and celebrated the opening of the biggest K-Pop event of the year. K-Pop cover dance groups have such talents in performing that they have already competed successfully in many competitions in and out of Philippines. They also have their own strong fan base. Moreover, they have played an important role in introducing K-Pop to Filipinos who were not familiar with it.


Q. What is you next plan?


The Hallyu fever is long past its initial stage and is only becoming more intense. It is not likely to cool off anytime soon. K-Culture contents give Filipinos the opportunity to become exposed to the Korean lifestyle. Hallyu also has taken role in improving the ties between Korea and the Philippines. In this regard, we will continue holding events to introduce K-Culture to more people so that Hallyu fans can enjoy such benefits.


※ This article is published in webzine 'Hallyu Story', issue of August 2016, a specialized monthly webzine about cultural industry.

▷ Check Korean version of 'Hallyu Story'