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Research of cultural industry market

01. Research & Development

1. Research of cultural industry market

The Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange conducts regular local surveys, which are vital for devising systematic research on the trends of the cultural industry and development plans. We publish an annual research report and support exchange of information related to the cultural industry, overseas expansion of businesses, cultural industry development policies and more. We are dedicated to promoting public awareness of the importance of the cultural industry and cultural exchange.

2. Publication of Hallyu reports, research materials

We publish monthly, quarterly, and yearly Hallyu reports and support exchange of information related to the cultural industry, overseas expansion of businesses, cultural industry policies and more. Our annual Hallyu report is published so that the research results may be used effectively by the academy and industry.

3. Development of the first Hallyu index

By converting the K-cultural wave called Hallyu into an index, we have made it possible to observe the effects and popularity of Hallyu abroad objectively.

4. Overseas correspondents

Our overseas correspondents in major cities around the world are experts of local cultural industry. They contribute to cultural exchange by providing and sharing valuable information on the world cultural industries. Our global network acts as the window to interpersonal cultural exchange around the world.

5. Hallyu information system

In order to provide the latest information about Hallyu culture and collect resources systematically, we have built a Hallyu portal site, through which we provide high-quality cultural information to domestic and overseas users. We provide Hallyu news gathered by our overseas correspondents and share information about Hallyu culture abroad and organize it into a database.

02. Academic Events

1. Global Culture Exchange Forum

The forum encourages exchange of information about Korean and overseas cultural industries and presents a future vision for each country. Cultural experts of various fields from around the world are invited to exchange cultural information and find solutions for joint investments and productions that will further mutual cultural exchange. They also discuss various marketing strategies that will fuel the cultural industry market.

2. Hallyu Forum and Seminar

Worldwide leaders of cultural industries are invited to engage in in-depth discussions on joint investments, productions, marketing, and solutions for the Korean cultural industry, thus creating a framework for mutual cultural exchange. Experts and figures currently involved in the cultural industries of developing countries provide information on local markets and how to enter them.

3. Asian TV Drama Conference

Through the works of some of Asia's top TV writers, we look at the cultural identity of Asia and attempt to develop a foundation for international co-productions that are competitive in the world market. We are also working toward raising mutual understanding between screenwriters and helping them build friendship.

4. Hallyu 3.0 Committee

The best of Korean cultural industry experts come together to research the future and development of Hallyu. Aside from the cultural industry, we are also looking into how our traditional culture such as hansik and Hangeul could be grafted onto Hallyu.

03. Cultural Exchange Projects

1. Global cultural exchange events

Our bilateral cultural exchange project is broadening cultural understanding between Korea and other countries and helping to build friendship beyond the borders. We are committed to spreading Korean popular culture in Asia where Hallyu is already widespread as well as in North America, South America, and Europe where Korean cultural contents are beginning to get the spotlight. We also host cultural events that help cultural understanding between two countries. From traditional culture to contemporary culture, we plan and organize various projects that make diverse cultures from around the world more accessible.

2. Cultural ODA

By establishing essential multimedia facilities and providing Korean cultural contents in developing countries, we are contributing to the growth of the cultural industry and economic society of other countries as well as to building amity with emerging nations.

3. Invitation of world culture/media opinion leaders<

We invite opinion leaders of major foreign media and cultural sectors and help them acquire a correct understanding of Korean culture and cultural industry, thus promoting cultural exchange between Korea and other countries. We further mutual understanding and cooperation through consistent interpersonal exchange with influential media in Asia and around the world and also raise awareness of Korea and its national image.

4. Support for overseas Hallyu communities

We support overseas Hallyu fan clubs and communities that hold regular meetings and events related to Korean pop culture (TV drama, film, animation, music and more).

5. World video exchange project

By broadcasting programs about the culture, history, and the latest trends of other countries, we promote cultural exchange and friendship between Korea and the countries involved. We also provide high-quality Korean programs to other countries gratis and contribute to spreading the excellence of Korean culture.