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The 5th Hallyu NOW Seminar

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Date December 10, 2015 (Thursday)
Venue Press Room of the Korea Press Center

‣ Theme: Hallyu, Challenge and Opportunity for Tomorrow
▣ Section I: Report on Hallyu Trends by Foreign Correspondents
▣ Section II: Intensive Investigation on Hallyu Hot Issues
 • Presentation 1: Status Report on Hallyu in Foreign Countries 2015 (Nam Sang-hyun, Leader of the Survey and Research Team of KOFICE)
 • Presentation 2: Web Contents, the Next Stage of K-pop
   Presenter: Kang Yeong-man (Head of the Executive Committee of KWEB FEST 2016)
   Presenters: Kim Won-je (Head of U Plus Lab) and Park In-ha (Professor of Chung Kang College of Cultural Industries)
 • Presentation 3: Ways to Protect Hallyu Contents in the Global Market
   Presenter: Um Jae-yong (Head of SBS Contents Hub)
   Presenters: Yu Seung-ho (Professor of Kangwon National University) and Kim Yeong-won (CEO of Forever C&M)

2015 Korean Wave Industry Leaders Forum

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Date Sep. 17, 2015- Nov. 26, 2015
Venue Banpo Sebitseom, Solbitseom
Host Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korean Wave Task Force, Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE)

Public-Government Cooperation on Exploring the Korean Wave Enterprise
It increases the possibility of continuous growth of enterprises and Korean Wave based on information, experiences, and resources from the public and government, and explores the global Korean Wave enterprises together through content or consumer businesses, and public-government cooperation.

Establishing a model of Korean Wave business and increasing a CEO’s capability of administrating a culture.
It provides CEOs view and idea about trends of culture administration, which is necessary for them, and also offers professional education programs to assist in building a marketing strategy.

Building a multi-dimensional collaborative network
It magnifies human resources through multi-dimensional network of liaisons outside of the organization, and provides reciprocal networking between decision-makers and government such as business to business, business to government, etc.

Discussion of cultural enterprises with the most influential leaders in public
It obtains opinions from a field of CEOs in cultural content industries, and conducts cultural enterprise policy discussion with the most knowledgeable people in the country who participate in the Korean Wave Task Force. Furthermore, it seeks more improved cultural content industry policy development, and the upcoming Korean Wave business.

’Paired Lectures’ for dynamic discussion
It provides a platform for positive communication to teach and learn together through cross-instructing between CEOs of internal global and cultural content businesses. Moreover, it shares undiscovered ideas in cultural administration through discussion between CEOs who carry common ambition to develop talented people and businesses.

Cultural content industry field trip
Not only do the cultural industry/ artistic experience occur through hologram concerts, demonstration of convergence content, or watching Korean Wave performances but it also offers visitation to global content industries and shares information about their successful administration. Still, it offers deep insight about cultural industries through field trips such as the Korean Wave culture experience.