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The 2nd Global Culture Industry Forum

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Date October 11 – 12, 2005

'The 2nd Global Culture Industry Forum’ is the entertainment track of '2005 World Knowledge Forum’ aimed to overcome structural problems of Korean economy and propose national vision to jump into the top most country in 21st century. For 2 days, about 30 experts in cultural business discussed development of Asian cultural industry through 5 special lectures and 5 sections.

* Special lecture
   - New broadcasting policy of China ? Centering on cross line/same line combination of digital media
   - Star TV: Experience in securing 100 million viewers
   - Aspects of cultural exchanges
   - Future of Asia concert business
   - Driving force of creation cluster
* Section
   - Viewer-securing strategies in multimedia environment
   - Expansion of Asian entertainment business
   - Case study on joint producing
   - Present and future of Asian movies
   - Intellectual properties and music industry