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2008 Hallyu Forum

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Date September 24, 2008(wednesday)
Venue Sangamdong, NooriDreamSquare

Hallyu Forum was. The top experts in the cultural contents industry from Korea, America and Japan were invited as speakers, to look at the present and the future of the Hallyu. The Hallyu Forum has been held each year since 2005, making this the fourth forum. It has been a venue for inviting international experts in the cultural industry to help vitalize the Korean cultural market by sharing information and know-how regarding the pioneering of foreign markets. What made this forum different from previous years was the fact that this year’s event was connected with ‘The First Korea Contents Fair’ hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The scale was largest and the interest was the highest in its history, which led excellent results.

◈ Theme : Korean Wave, Looking for Blue Ocean.
◈ Date : September 24, 2008(wednesday)
◈ Venue : Sangamdong, NooriDreamSquare
◈ Presentations
 <SectionⅠ> current status of the Hallyu, and its implications in the Asian market
  Topic 1 : The key to the success of the Korean Wave in the Asian market, and its future development.
            (Professor Park Jung-sook, International Education Center at Kyunghee University)
  Topic 2 : The evaluation and the future of Korean dramas in the Japanese market.
            (Okawa Junko, NHK, Head Producer)

 <Section Ⅱ> Blue Ocean for Korean Wave: Beyond Asia Toward the World.
  Topic 1 : the current status and future success of the Korean wave in the American market.
            (Charles K. Armstrong, Director of the Center for Korean Studies at Columbia University)
  Topic 2 : the talent and potential of Korean actors in the American market.
            (Stuart R. Tenzer, Vice President at the William Morris Agency)