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Hallyu forums and seminars

The 3rd Hallyu NOW Seminar

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Date December 10, 2013 (Tuesday)
Venue COEX Conference Room, Seoul
Country Korea Film Council, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Culture and Tourism Institute, Korea Copyright Commission, Korea Creative Content Agency

* Slogan : See the present day Hallyu
▣ Session 1.
In-depth investigation of Hallyu region
• [Presentation 1] Economic and industrial trends of the UK and Hallyu
 - Presenter : Kim Jun-yeop (European team researcher, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy)
• [Presentation 2] Comparison of popularity of Korean, Chinese and Japanese cultures in Southeast Asia
 - Presenter : Han Chung-min (Professor, Hanyang University)
• [Presentation 3] Analysis of Hallyu press reports in the Middle East
- Presenter : Seo Jung-min (Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
▣ Session 2. In-depth investigation of Hallyu genre
• [Presentation 4] K-musical, rapid growth of another Hallyu content
 - Presenter : Park Min-seon (Global business team leader, Live Entertainment Division, CJ E&M)
• [Presentation 5] Hallyu art – the present and future of globalization of Korean arts
 - Presenter : Kim Dal-gin (Director, Kim Dalgin Art Research and Consulting)
• [Presentation 6] Era for turning K-pop idols into artists
 - Presenter : Lee Sol-rim (CEO, S+Project, former director of SM Academy)
• [Presentation 7] Development of Korean movie remakes and localization of Hallyu movies
 - Presenter : Park Hee-sung (Policy research team leader, Korea Film Council)
• General debate
 - Speakers : Presenters and Kang Hun (music critic)

2013 Global Culture Exchange Forum

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Date January 31, 2013 (Thursday)
Venue International Conference Hall, Korea Press Center
Host KOFICE, Catholic University of Korea

* Theme : Plans on how to develop the Korean Wave into global pop culture through creative use
 • Session 1
: The creative use of Hallyu
Presentation 1 – Trends and prospects of K-pop for the year 2013 (Ahn Suk-joon, Head, Music Business Division, CJ E&M)
Presentation 2 – Methods to approach and make creative use of Hallyu (Ko Jeong-min, Graduate School of Business, Hongik University)
• Session 2 : Requirements for establishing global pop culture & plans to develop it from the perspective of an international panel of cultural experts
  In-depth discussion (Nik Powell, National Film and Television School)

The 2nd Hallyu NOW Seminar

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Date 27 June 2013 (Thurs)
Venue Songeui Hall, Hallyu Graduate School, Catholic University of Korea, Korea

Session 1: Intensive exploration of Korean wave genres
[Presentation 1] Post-Korean wave era, an ecosystem for sustainable dramas
  - Presentation: Lee, Man-je (professor, Department of Journalism, Wonkwang University)
  - Debate: Yun, Jae-sik (senior researcher, Korea Creative Contents Agency) and Baek, Chung-hwa (head of Seoul office, Yoshimoto Entertainment)
[Presentation 2] Korean animation advancement into the global market
  - Presentation: Kim, Se-hun (professor, Department of Cartoon Animation, Sejong University)
  - Debate: Kang, Yu-sin (CEO, Synergy Media) and Maeng, Ju-gong (director, Tuba Entertainment)
Session 2: Intensive exploration of Korean wave regions
[Presentation 3] Analysis of Korean wave in the Brazilian market
 - Presentation: Chung, Gil-hwa (producer, MBC)
  - Debate: Kwon, Gi-su (team leader of Latin America, Korea Institute for International Economic and Kim, Yong-jae (secretary general, Korea Brazil Society)

Global Korean Wave Forum “Spring – Understanding Korean Music”

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Date 21 May 2013
Venue Multi-purpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre UK

[Presentation 1] David Jones (director, Serious agency)
[Presentation 2] Max Reinhardt (MC, BBC Radio 3)
[Presentation 3] Edwina Mukasa (journalist, The Guardians)
[Presentation 4] Ben Mandelson (music producer)
[Presentation 5] Simon Broughton (editor-in-chief, Songlines)