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2015 Cultural ODA Project in Indonesia

2015 Indonesia Cultural ODA Project

  • Date : Jan. 11 – Jan. 18, 2016
  • Photo : large view
  • Venue : Tigaraksa, Bandung, Indonesia
  • Host : KOFICE
  • Sponsor : Hallyu Planning Group
  • Sponsor : MCST, MBC Nanum
  • The “Global Y-Generation Movement,” a part of Hallyu’s social contribution activities in which people can get together for learning as well as enjoyment, was held in Tigaraksa, Bandung, Indonesia from January 11 to January 18, 2016. The event was hosted by the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange and the MUJU YG Foundation, which is a nonprofit foundation established to support medical treatment, rehabilitation, and education for children and teenagers from low-income or broken families.
    Indonesia was one of the countries that hosted the “2015 Big Bang World Tour Concert,” and it was selected as the venue for this event in an effort to highlight social contribution activities that could further promote Hallyu after the concert. The event was not solely designed to expand Hallyu’s share in the global market; its ancillary purpose was to build a solid foundation for Hallyu so that everyone who enjoys it can share and communicate through the Hallyu Good Action Movement. 
    This project was composed of three parts. In the “K-Pop and Culture & Arts Education” part, participants could learn much more about the culture of Hallyu, and the “Cultural Playground and Computer Class” part was designed to showcase the necessary infrastructure in offering culture and arts-related experiences to more people. Lastly, in the “K-Pop Presentation (Festival)” part, beneficiaries and supporters of Hallyu were able to mingle and enjoy their time together. In addition, many Hallyu stars joined the project directly and indirectly through the Hallyu Good Action Movement campaign and sent messages of support that were played during the event. Finally, a ceremony for delivering the funds needed in promoting cultural development was also held.