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2016 Feel Korea in Laos

Feel Korea in LAOS

  • Date : November 25, 2016
  • Photo : large view
  • Venue : Landmark Hotel, LAOS VIENTIAN
  • Host : MCST
  • Supervisor : KOFICE
  • Sponsor : Korean Embassy to Lao PDR, INDOKO, KOLAO Group, Landmark hotel
  • Sponsor : BtoB, Halo, CLC, KNK
  • “Culture Exchange Festival between South Korea and Laos: 2016 Feel Korea in Laos” was held at Landmark Hotel in Vientiane, Laos, on November 25 (Friday). “Feel Korea,” a representative Han Wave event, which has introduced various genres of South Korean culture led by K-Pop to countless countries in the world, practiced “Sharing Han Wave” in which South Korea communicates with locals and displayed “two-way culture exchange” by performing a joint concert with local artists. Feel Korea visited Vientiane, the capital of Laos, which is the last gem in Southeast Asia.

    K-Pop artists like BTOB, Halo, CLC, and KNK, who are extremely popular and loved in Korea and abroad, performed a great concert on the stage for “Feel Korea in Laos” held on November 25 (Friday). They prepared a collaboration performance with the local K-Pop Cover Dance Team, not to speak of singing their songs, and displayed their special talents by singing Laotian popular songs (Lao-Pop). In addition, “Feel Korea in Laos” was acclaimed as a genuine two-way culture festival in which artists from the two countries showed their top-class performances on the same stage along with the Taekwon Gala Show by the Taekwondo Demonstration Team of the World Taekwondo Headquarters, and the Laotian Traditional Performance by the Performance Team of the Laotian National Art Middle and High School.

    Moreover, various programs were arranged in which South Korean culture was introduced to locals and people from both countries could freely communicate with each other without any barriers. KNK paid a visit to the Laotian National Art Middle and High School on the morning of November 25 (Friday). They celebrated the opening ceremony of the Multimedia Room constructed by both the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange and Indoko, a South Korean travel agency based in Laos; communicated with 200 students through a Korean traditional play; and distributed some gifts to the students. By doing so, KNK practiced “sharing Han Wave to communicate and sympathize with each other through culture.”


    The Korean Culture Experience Booth, which was prepared prior to the main performance, was dazzling. The Korean Food Experience Booth operated a Korean food free sample stand, a Korean food photography show, a Korean traditional clothing experience zone, and a food promotion zone for locals, as well as presented all spectators with gifts that contain Korean refreshments like laver snack. In addition, the Korean Culture Experience Booth set up a Han Wave Contents Photo Zone in which local spectators could take a commemorative photograph with the leading actors and actresses of “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” and the four groups of K-Pop artists who appeared in the concert, giving local fans who loved Han Wave with an unforgettable moment.