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The 2nd Outlookie - Closing Ceremony

the Second Outlookie - Closing Ceremony

  • Date : November 12 ~ 13, 2016
  • Photo : large view
  • Venue : Vivaldi Park, Nami Island
  • Host : KOFICE
  • Sponsor : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism & GKL Foundation
  • The members of "the 2nd Outlookie", Korean culture exploration team composed of foreign students in Korea finished the activities of the year and held a closing ceremony at Nami Island of Gangwon-do and Vivali Park in Hongcheon for one night and two days, from November 12th to the 13th. 

    The first day of the closing ceremony, the members of "Outlookie" visited  Nami Island and enjoyed the beautiful autumnal mood of Korea in company with the nice weather and sunshine. While walking through the woods of maple trees tinged with splendid autumnal tones in search of the "treasures" hidden in every corner of the island, they all looked like pure and innocent  children. After moving to Vivaldi Park, the program "Team-building for adding up memory" was provided and all members could build a close friendship with one another through playing a recreational game together. 

    After that, the members who have shared their joys and sorrows for 8 months from the opening ceremony of last April picked the best member, the second-best member and the most popular member by on-the-spot voting. Atsi Yesim (from Turkey, student of Kimpo University) was selected as the best member obtaining the largest number of votes and she stated her feelings, "I was really pleased to get to know more about Korean culture while carrying out activities as an 'Outlookie' member."