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Korean Discovery Club - K-culture event

Korea Discovery Club

  • Date : June 14, 2016
  • Photo : large view
  • Venue : Vietnam
  • Host : Korea Discovery Club
  • Sponsor : KOFICE
  • Unlike other Communities mainly composed of students who major in the Korean Language, Korea Discovery Club (hereafter, "KDC") is a Community established in 2009 in Foreign Trade University void of the Department of Korean Language. Not only students of the university, but also anyone who is interested in the Community activities can join the Club.

    Replay 2016 is a K-Drama genre. In the first place, based on plans and sample videos of preliminary participants, the team that can advance to the finals through previous evaluations will be selected. In the finals, the final selection team will be determined through Korean Drama dubbing and a Korean Quiz previously given. During the event, plenty of performances such as K-Pop Cover dance and Samulnori were provided. 

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