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K-Pop Belgium Society

K-pop Belgium Society

  • Date : October 1, 2016
  • Photo : large view
  • Venue : Antwerp, Belgium
  • Host : K-pop Belgium Society
  • Sponsor : KOFICE
  • K-Pop Belgium Socity was established in 2014 and the activities are mainly held in Antwerp (Flemish region) and not in the capital city Brussels. The Society, composed of local Hallyu fans is a leader in increasing awareness of Korea in connection with the Korean Cultural Center. 

    An array of programs were provided, starting with "Try Hanbok" and covering traditional Korean games, Noraebang (Singing Room), Quiz, and Taekwondo. In particular, as for the traditional Korean game "ttakji-chigi (slap-match)", the process of making it and competing in the game were all included. Moreover, even the equipment of a Noraebang was installed, earning the greatest love from K-Pop fans.