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Title "All about Hallyu", reorganization of English homepage of KOFICE
No 105 Inquiry 343 Date 2017.04.18

English homepage of Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (hereafter "the Foundation") was reorganized.

While the existing English homepage mainly introduced project performances of the Foundation, it is expected that the new page will provide high-quality information to overseas users who have hungered for in-depth and professional information related to global culture industry.

The newly organized English homepage (eng.kofice.or.kr) of the Foundation will regularly provide the English version of information of Hallyu produced by the Foundation such as Report on Global Hallyu issues, Overseas correspondents’ reports, specialists' columns and interviews.

In the course of preparing for the English homepage reorganization, KOFICE conducted a questionnaire oriented to 25 media sources specializing in Hallyu with the greatest influence in the world such as Soompi (www.soompi.com) and All K-Pop ((www.allkpop.com) and the results were faithfully reflected on the homepage.

In the future, KOFICE will not only constantly improve the quality of content provided by this English website, by working with relevant institutions, but also extend multilingual services for meeting the needs of the users from different linguistic backgrounds.