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Title The Third Outlookie, explores Korean Culture in Jeju Island
No 108 Inquiry 324 Date 2017.06.22

The Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange hosted a trip to Jeju Island for the third class of Outlookie from May 20th to 22nd. 83 members from 19 countries joined the trip themed YOLO (You Only Live Once), a term that became a global lifestyle trend, as they showed their passion for Outlookie and Jeju Island.
Members eagerly went to Global Geo Park as soon as they arrived in Jeju airport. Participants couldn’t stop taking photos as they realized that Jeju Island was not only a famous attraction but also a place with a fantastic view of the ocean with diverse geological structures created through volcanic eruptions.

On the second day, students had a chance to visit businesses through a unique program for the third class of Outlookie. Members had a chance to look through Jeju Center for Creative Economy and Innovation with Team Leader Kim Young-Joon of the Youth Innovation Hub team, who explained and talked about the center. Then, they moved to the Osulloc Tea Museum and met with the staff of Amorepacific, an innovative global company. Students enjoyed ice cream made from Jeju green tea and had time to walk through the beautiful green tea farm.

The participants also had a chance to visit the Jeju World Cup Stadium after visiting the tea farm to support the opening match of the FIFA U-20 World Cup between Portugal and Zambia. The students were able to experience the slogan of the World Cup “Trigger the Fever” firsthand.
The next program focused on appreciating Korean culture. Members were able to make special memories with their favorite K-Pop stars at the ‘Play K-Pop Theme Park’, the world’s largest K-Pop museum. Participants were enthusiastic about the museum where the history of K-Pop was mixed with ICT. They were captivated by a virtual concert by G-Dragon, as if they really were seeing him. After that, they visited the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market to learn about traditional Korean markets. The group finished their second day, dealing with the sadness of leaving Jeju with diverse Jeju snacks ranging from Jeju specialties to seafood and fruits.

On the last day, the members visited Manjanggul Cave, which was selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. They then headed to Woljeongli Beach, which is famous for its clear and emerald-colored ocean under the blue sky. As the participants relieved their stress by strolling down the sandy beach and dipping their feet into the water, they finished their two-night, three-day trip to Jeju with a team mission.
The third Outlookie class visited Jeju’s cultural heritage and innovative global companies, as well as participated in international committees since its inception ceremony in April. They will learn more about Korean culture through traveling and volunteering for rural communities at Pohang with eBay Korea. In July, they will communicate with the first and second Outlookie classes to consolidate the foreign student network through the 3rd Global Friendship Festival affiliated with Boryeong Mud Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Korea, with diverse cultural programs awaiting them in the second half of the year.