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Title In-Depth Report on Global Hallyu Trends Published
No 138 Inquiry 375 Date 2018.07.04

□ The Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE, President Kim Yongrak) has
published 2018 Global Hallyu Trends, expounding on the changing scenes of the Korean Wave. The
report analyzes in-depth the recent multi-faceted socio-political issues involving Hallyu, utilizing the
Overseas Hallyu Status Survey conducted on people in 16 countries throughout five regions who have
experienced Korean cultural content.

□ The report also examines how overseas fans consume Hallyu content of two core sectors—K-pop
and drama—and eight other related sectors, including Korean food and fashion and beauty. The report
also presents foreigners’ views of Korea, the effect resulting from the spread of Hallyu consumption,
negative attitudes towards Hallyu, and other elements that affect Hallyu expansion. The report uses
infographics to help readers quickly grasp the differences in Hallyu trends by country and sector.

Analysis of Five Recent Issues Related to Hallyu
□ Chapter 1, entitled “The Five Hallyu Issues You Have to Know,” provides information and analysis
about five topics under the titles of “K-pop to Lead Post-China Era,” “Hallyu Content via Streaming,”
“Positive Effect of Hallyu Content,” “Status of Hallyu amid Political Turbulence on the Korean
Peninsula,” and “How Hallyu Can Move Forward.” The chapter also deals with the light and shadow
of Hallyu growth: “BTS syndrome,” the rise of K-pop pushed by ever-expanding online and mobile
streaming, and the growing anti-Korean sentiment.

Country by Country Analysis for 16 Nations in Five Regions
□ Chapter 2, entitled “Analysis by Country,” focuses on the many causes of Hallyu expansion and
side effects in different countries under three titles: “Coordinates of 21st Century Hallyu,” “Popularity
of Hallyu and Its Secrets,” and “Problems and Tasks of Hallyu.” The chapter presents what makes
people love or hate Hallyu by unveiling the psychology of consumers that could not be comprehended
through industrial statistics

□ The Global Hallyu Trends was first published in 2017. The 2018 report is expected to give useful
information in grasping the current status and the ever-changing trends of Hallyu in 16 countries
across the world.

□ The report can be downloaded from the KOFICE website (www.kofice.or.kr) and can be purchased
at Kyobo Book Center from July 4.