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Title Cultural Exchange Experts to Be Sent to Overseas Korean Cultural Centers
No 139 Inquiry 389 Date 2018.07.10

□ The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Do Jong-hwan) and the Korean Foundation
for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE; President Kim Yongrak) will send experts in culture
and arts curating to Korean and foreign cultural centers in 11 countries.

□ Beginning in July, 11 experts who have been selected through the final screening will be assigned to
Belgium, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Italy, and other countries. They will take part in a variety of
activities, including internships at culture and arts festivals, planning of joint projects at overseas
Korean Cultural Centers, and research fellowships at culture and arts-related institutions.

□ The ministry, which began to send the experts in 2013, has divided the programs to be supported by
them according to their careers on the basis of its “First Comprehensive Plan for the Promotion of
International Cultural Exchange” announced on May 28. In the past, the experts were sent to Korean
Cultural Centers only, but now their destinations will include major festivals and cultural institutions
abroad. Such an expansion is meaningful in that it may pave the way for more active cultural
exchange between Korea and the host institutions from a mid- and long-term perspective.

□ Experts with three or fewer years of experience will be sent to overseas culture and arts festivals,
including Festival Internacional Cervantino in Mexico, one of the top four festivals globally, and the
Mapping Melbourne festival held by the Office of Multicultural Arts, Victoria, Australia. Those who
have about five years of experience will work on international cultural exchange projects with
officials at Korean Cultural Centers in Vietnam, Italy, and Hong Kong. Experts with 10 or more years
of experience will map out mid- and long-term projects for international cultural exchange by
observing trends and gathering information at such specialized institutions as the International
Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, De Appel of the Netherlands, and Cendana of Malaysia.

□ KOFICE President Kim Yongrak said, “The posting of experts is hoped to upgrade the global
potential of our professional manpower and lay the groundwork for sustainable international cultural

□ From 2013 to 2017, a total of 39 people have been sent to 16 countries, and they introduced Korean
culture and arts abroad by launching 30 projects involving performances and exhibitions during the
period. Lee Kko-kka, who was posted at the Korean Cultural Center in Poland in 2017, co-hosted an
exhibition with Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Poland and presided over a roundtable discussion
to invigorate bilateral exchange in visual arts with the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski
Castle in Warsaw, Poland. On the basis of the past achievements, Lee also plans to hold exhibitions
and academic programs commemorating the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between the
two countries.