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Title Dramatists, Producers Meet at Conference in Daegu
No 143 Inquiry 501 Date 2018.10.16

□ The 13th Asian TV Drama Conference (ATDC) will convene on October 17–20 at Hotel Inter-
Burgo Daegu co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Daegu Metropolitan
City, and co-organized by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) and
Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency (DIP).

□ Launched in 2006, ATDC is Asia’s largest international conference specializing in dramas that
brings together writers and producers from across the region and helps them find ways of cooperation
for joint productions. The upcoming conference will have heated discussions on the theme of “Let’s
Read Changes: New Challenges, Possibilities and Opportunities” attended by some 200 industry
professionals who made popular dramas in 10 countries, including Korea, China, Japan, and Southeast
Asian nations.

□ On the first day, actors who have contributed to promoting cultural exchange in Asia through their
roles in television dramas will be honored with special awards. Park Min-young, who starred in the
drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? has been selected as the female actor award winner. Her
role as Secretary Kim sparked fashion and beauty trends among her overseas fans, and she has taken a
leading role in a Chinese drama, boasting a good command of the Chinese language. Kentaro
Sakaguchi, the “national boyfriend” of Japan, will receive the special award for male actors. He
starred in the Japanese versions of Korean dramas I’m Sorry, But I Love You and Signal and enjoys
great popularity in Korea. He will be the first winner from abroad to come to Korea for the ceremony.

□ On the second day, the plenary session of the conference will begin. At the producers’ session, Jo
Jung-ho, who has produced such hit dramas as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and That Winter,
Wind Blows, will give a presentation on “The Present and Future of the Korean Drama Market Seen
through Examples.” The session will also hear presentations on the current status and tasks of the
drama industries of Japan and China, respectively, by Akihiko Yose, who produced Japanese dramas
Playful Kiss and Tramps Like Us, which were much-touted in Korea, and by Wang Pengju, vice
president of the China Television Drama Production Industry Association.

□ At the writers’ session, presentations will be made by Daisuke Habara, who wrote Massan, which
has been dubbed Japan’s “national drama,” and Wang Xiaoping, who wrote The Legend of Mi Yue, the
television drama that topped viewer ratings. The session will be wrapped up by Korean dramatist Park
Kyung-soo, who swept honors by writing The Chaser and Punch. As he speaks on “Writer as a
Mission,” about how he comes up with ideas for his dramas and what attitude he takes towards his
works, he is expected to capture the audience’s attention.

□ In efforts to overcome focusing too much on dramas of Korea, China, and Japan, a special session
will be prepared featuring Sean Dulake, an actor and producer who produced Dramaworld, the web
drama that has been highly acclaimed by critics in Korea and elsewhere. Dulake will talk about his
own experience and achievement of producing and acting in Dramaworld and will reveal the story
behind the production of the drama’s second season.

□ KOFICE President Kim Yongrak said, “This conference will be a meaningful forum that seeks new
ideas for cooperation by hearing the speakers’ presentations that render the realities of each country.
As our theme ‘Let’s Read Changes’ indicates, the conference is hoped to serve as a ground for
extensive yet in-depth discussion about the future paths of Asian dramas in the ever-changing