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Title “Good Hallyu” Brings Hope to Underprivileged Youth in Brazil
No 146 Inquiry 635 Date 2018.11.02

□ The Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) will carry out “Good Hallyu”
projects in São Paulo in Brazil on November 1–2 to encourage self-support of underprivileged youth
with concerted efforts of the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and SBS.

□ The projects will be conducted in cooperation with the non-profit organization in São Paulo Música
é Esperança, which has been helping youth from low-income families strengthen their capabilities for

□ In Brazil, one fourth of the total population is considered poor. The wide gap between the rich and
the poor results in the problem of inequality in education, and only about 27 percent of the population
aged 25 years or higher are high school graduates. Under these circumstances, the “Good Hallyu”
projects are designed to provide young men and women from the low-income bracket with the
opportunity to enjoy culture and seek various career paths through music.

□ KOFICE will sponsor K-pop education and mentoring by K-pop artists for students at Escola
Estadual Indiana Zuycher Simoes de Jesus and invite them to the K-pop Concert Chorus and K-pop
Cover Dance Free Show at K-Contents Expo co-hosted by KOCCA and SBS.

□ The K-pop music class and mentoring program on November 1 will be led by Hur Young-ji of the
famous girl group Kara; KARD, the globally popular idol band; and MXM, a duo whose popularity is
increasing fast. They will not only teach singing and dance but also share their personal growth stories
with the students.

□ On November 2, the students will take to the stage of K-Contents Expo’s K-Pop Concert Free Show
to present songs and dances they have learned during the previous two weeks. They will also enjoy
the concert from the audience.

□ KOFICE plans to deliver Hallyu goods, stationery, and musical instruments to the school through
the “Good Hallyu” projects to improve their learning environment and maintain music education there.

□ “Good Hallyu” projects will be broadcast via SBS’s mobile channel Mobidic and later on its
television channel.