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Title The 5th Global Friendship Festival
No 175 Inquiry 131 Date 2019.10.28

□ Diverse as the colors of autumn leaves, people from various cultures will come together in a festival of cultural exchange this season.

□ The 5th Global Friendship Festival, organized by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) and GKL Foundation, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, will be held around the open stage at Seoul Children’s Grand Park on November 2. This year its theme is “Walk with people from around the globe.”

□ The Global Friendship Festival began in 2015 to bring Koreans and foreigners—including students, multicultural families, and foreign workers—together through culture. A group of foreign students exploring Korean culture called “Outlookie” plans the festival each year.

□ The Korean government supports members of Outlookie to learn about Korean culture and introduce their own cultures here, to grow into global leaders connecting Korea with the world. Starting with the first batch of Outlookie members—71 students from 10 countries—in 2015, this year’s Outlookie is comprised of 100 foreign students from 24 countries and 20 Korean supporters.

□ The 5th Global Friendship Festival will consist of a walk with Outlookie members; a samullori performance by Outlookie; a magic show by professional performers; and various performances including traditional Korean martial arts taekkyeon.

□ At the global culture booths, visitors can try on the traditional garb of various countries, have their faces painted, try coloring images of different cultures, make paper lamps and masks, and get their names written in various languages.

□ KOFICE president Kim Yong-rak notes, “Culture easily transcends boundaries between countries and people. I hope everyone can become one through the Global Friendship Festival as prepared by Outlookie members.”

□ Admission to the festival is free. Visitors can sign up in advance to participate at http://bit.ly/2019friendship. More details are available at www.kofice.or.kr