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Title Press Pass Application for 2K13 Feel Korea
No 59 Inquiry 1633 Date 2013.09.04

1. This event only accept the press and media which chosen by pre-application.


2. Media Accreditation
  - National and International Press and Media
    (Limited to public accredited broadcast and official media which currently exist – This applies to the only TV, Cable TV,   Newspaper, Magazine.)
  - Public and Cable TV: Apply available only for ENG Camera Shooting Team (Max 3 People), 6mm Camera Shooting Team (Max 2 people)
  - Press: Available for maximum 2 people per media.
  - Above standards equally applied to Foreign Press and Media. (Yet, foreign press and media have to attach Company Introduction or business license with URL of company official web site.)


3. How to make a request
  - send us e-mail to 2k13feelkorea@kofice.or.kr with document we have attached.
    (※Check the Appendix) 
    ⇨ Deadline: Sep 7th, 2013(Sat) 9:00PM (PDT)


4. Confirmation / Pass Collection
① Confirmation
- Sep 8th, 2013(Sun) KOFICE Official English Website(http://eng.kofice.or.kr/)
 ② Pass Collection
- Distribute press pass after confirmed ID from Sep. 14th, 2013(Sat) 4PM at the Box office of Stanley Park Malkin bowl


▶ Appendix 

1. Application

Company name/media
(broadcast, Internet, Daily Newspaper, Magazine)
ex) Korea
ex) KBS/broadcast
ex) Hong Gil-dong(Photo)
ex) 010-1234-5678
ex) 02-123-4567
ex) email@email.co.kr


***We highly appreciate your cooperation and please check the below announcement.
1. No more than 10(ten) minutes of edited footage shall be used for news feeds.

2. Any backstage interviews or broadcast are not allowed.