President’s Message

Greetings, Welcome to the homepage for the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE).

Founded in 2003, KOFICE has been working toward transcending borders in order to promote mutual understanding and friendly relations with nations around the world.

As the designated institute for international cultural exchange under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, KOFICE's vision is to connect Korea with the world through culture.

We have been pursuing efforts to share Korea's exciting and dynamic culture with the international community. By providing various outlets through which we can all laugh, cry, and dance together, Hallyu has brought people from all different backgrounds closer together and has transformed Korea into a nation with an undeniably impactful cultural presence.

To further promote cultural exchange at the international level, KOFICE will continue to play an exemplary role in breaking down barriers between nations and promoting mutual understanding, exchange, and coexistence across the globe.

On behalf of KOFICE, I ask for your interest and support as we continue to do our best in creating a Hallyu that can connect people of all backgrounds.

President of KOFICE

Jung Kilhwa