What We Do


Research and Studies

  • KOFICE correspondents active in 43 regions of 39 countries over the world deliver upwards of 1,200 reports per year on average on Hallyu trends and international cultural exchange.

    Contact: research@kofice.or.kr

  • To stimulate international cultural exchange and to help the Korean cultural and creative industries advance abroad, we publish monthly, bimonthly, and annual studies. Reports such as Hallyu White Paper (Industries and Policy volumes), Survey on Overseas Hallyu Status, Study on Ripple Effects of Hallyu, Global Hallyu Trends, Hallyu NOW, Regional Overview Hallyu Next Step, and Overseas Cultural Policy Review provide interdisciplinary analysis on cultural industries and policies by genre and region.

    Contact: research@kofice.or.kr

  • We endeavor to devise means by which to make progress in cultural and creative industries by holding seminars and forums, supporting academic activities, and establishing networks for experts who specialize in the international cultural exchange.