What We Do


International Cooperation in Culture

  • We invite cultural experts from developing countries to participate in cultural training programs. The CPI program supports social and cultural projects in the respective partner countries, promoting cultural welfare and extending the right to enjoy culture.

    Official website: www.kofice.or.kr/hellocpi

    Contact: cpi@kofice.or.kr

  • We implement cultural programs in connection with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of private corporates having overseas offices, aiming to contribute to developing countries and creating shared values in the context of sustainability.

  • Dream Plus Library provides the place for lifelong learning and cultural experiencing by improving the environment of the public libraries in other countries. Dream Plus Library improves literacy and the quality of life in beneficiary countries.

  • We invite promising artists abroad who want to be a next idol star and provide K-pop training opportunity to share advanced Korean training system in the popular music. During the training period, the artists would enjoy and experience diverse aspects of the Korean culture. The Hallyu Project: Grow together aims to advance together in a virtuous cycle and ultimately, enhance cultural ties with the world through Hallyu.