What We Do


International Cultural Exchange Support

  • Every year, we offer cultural exchange programs to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations with other nations. These programs reflect local demands and cultural sensitivities of each relevant state, and are designed to introduce Korea’s culture and arts and to promote mutual goodwill.

  • Celebrating important milestones in bilateral relations, “mutual cultural exchange years” are proclaimed with key diplomatic partners of Korea. We plan and implement cultural programs throughout the year, promoting mutual cultural exchange and understanding.

  • We select and organize a pool of art performances and exhibitions that represent the best of Korean arts. With the aid of cultural arts institutions and cultural centers abroad, we research local demand for these outstanding cultural programs and support the events.

    Contact: t-arts@kofice.or.kr

  • So as to provide opportunities to disseminate local culture and values domestically and abroad, we discover outstanding local cultural resources and support local government and art organizations to build international cultural relations continuously.

  • ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit 2020 was held to enhance the cooperation of ASEAN-ROK countries and explore the opportunity of growth through cultural exchange.

    ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit began in 2019 with the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit. In 2020, the ASEAN-ROK culture and arts experts gathered together and suggested the new model of ASEAN-ROK cultural cooperation by sharing innovation, challenge and future vision.

    The summit suggested the meaning of cooperation and the direction for the future of ASEAN-ROK through varied stories such as experience of ASEAN-ROK cultural innovators who are dynamically growing and recognized globally, and varied activities, vision and successful cooperation cases of the executive organ for ASEAN-ROK cultural exchange cooperation.

    Official website: www.aseanrokculturesummit.kr