What We Do


Global Hallyu Communities Support

  • We support the organization of Korean culture-related communities which have grown autonomously in various countries around the world. Hallyu Com-On programs contribute to encouraging networking and events among such communities, thus stimulating the global spread of Hallyu.

    Contact: k-com@kofice.or.kr

  • K-Community Festival affords international Hallyu communities a broader experience of Korean culture. We encourage the communities to participate in regional festivals and performances, where they can build and develop the capacities to become key agents of cultural exchange between Korea and their respective countries in the future.

    Official website: www.kcommunityfestival.com

    Contact: kcf@kofice.or.kr

  • We invite university journalism students from esteemed schools around China, offering the future opinion leaders an experience of Korean culture to heighten their understanding of Korea and to establish a foundation for exchange between the two countries.

  • The Outlookie program provides international students living in Korea the opportunity to play a leading role in the planning and operation of cultural volunteer activities, as well as engage in in-depth learning of Korean culture. Participation in the program broadens the scope of students’ exchanges with Korean society and helps them contribute to public values.

    Official website: www.outlookie.kr

    Contact: outlookie@kofice.or.kr