What We Do


Global Hallyu Festivals and Marketing Support

  • The K-Culture Festival is a hallyu cultural festival introducing various aspects of Korean culture, ranging from K-pop, Korean food, beauty, and fashion, which have gained great popularity across the globe.

    Diverse Korean cultural events will be held under the theme of pop culture, traditional culture,and local culture, offering a venue for hallyu lovers from around the world to enjoy Korean culture.

    Official website: www.kculturefestival.kr

  • We host music festivals with artists representing a variety of Asian countries, working with Korean local governments. Asia Song Festivals promote the joint growth of the pan-Asian music industry and give opportunities for cultural exchanges among Asian countries.

  • We offer opportunities to encounter “everyday Hallyu” through Korean cultural performances and K-lifestyle experiences at various locations abroad. Mokkoji Korea events provide visitors with an experience of broader Korean culture and help extend the ripple effects of Hallyu, promoting growth in related industries.

    Official website: www.mokkojikorea.com

  • We support small and medium enterprises looking to develop overseas markets through Hallyu. Our work in this area promotes hand-in-hand growth between Hallyu and related industries, while also extending the frontiers of Hallyu.

    Official website: about-cast.kr

    Contact: cast@kofice.or.kr